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The United States Air Force as a separate military body was created in 1947. Formed from the US Army Air Force( itself being a re-organisation of the US Army Air Corps), the USAF is the world's largest air force with over 5,500 combat aircraft at its disposal.The huge resources available to the USA have allowed aircraft development (and space technology) to reach an exceptionally high level.

During the immediate post-war years the threat of super-power conflict and numerous other worldwide engagements kept defence development at a high level of priority, manifesting itself in a huge variety of experimental craft at that time. Coupled with the quest for space exploration the USAF has consistently pushed boundaries of aircraft (and pilot) development.

Hopefully I will be able to reflect some of the interesting designs rom that era in this on-going gallery.

Northrop N-31A Grumman G-71 Convair XB-46 Northrop XB-35