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The RAF was founded in 1918, making it the oldest independent air force in the world.

Like all major military powers the Ministry of Defence invested a great deal of time and effort into aircraft design. The role of aircraft development was handled by the Royal Aircraft Establishment based at Farnborough, where many successful projects have been developed such as the first allied jet engine leading to the first allied operational jet aircraft - the Gloster Meteor,the first VTOL aircraft - the Harrier, as well as innovations into faster-than-sound flight and, via the Naval Air Branch (later renamed the Fleet Air Arm,) ground-breaking research into naval aviation) such as the first jet landing on an aircraft carrier.

The Cold War saw no decline in developmental thinking, but the financial cost of WW2 meant that few projects were being developed (despite a number of very feasible and potentially successful designs). Thankfully some great aircraft did come from the post-war era and despite the disappointments of the past have lead to a highly regarded and successful military force.

Here, I am endeavouring to show a cross-section of some of the projects that didn't make it on to further development and some of the 'also-rans' : rejected contenders to successful and familiar designs.

Boulton Paul P.100 Hawker P.1048 Hawker P.1104 Vickers Type 'C'
Fairey GOR 339