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All the air art on was created in a similar way: using 3D computer modelling software, currently Cinema4D by Maxon although I am in the process of learning 3D Studio Max.

Firstly I research the subject as much as is practical (often there is no more than a sketch or bad three-view drawing to be had) sometimes this may mean searching around the subject and adding some 'DNA' from similar or contemporary subjects. A very useful resource tool are he many forums with helpful members who have been of great assistance in the past.

When modelled I then try to texture the model with contemporary colour schemes and markings (sometimes these may be taken from the aircraft that 'won' the tender or the unit that operated the predecessor e.g. the Hawker p1048 schemes were based on those of post-war Hawker Tempest units or the Grumman G-71, the scheme of which is based on the Grumman F8F Bearcat fighter.

Texture mapping involves a suitable UV editor: I use Maxon's Bodypaint3D in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop.

The models are 'cast' in various scenarios that I think best show off the characteristics of the aircraft in a contemporary setting. Several renderings may be made. The images are then composited and re-touched to form the final images you see here.

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F-144 in Cinema 4D modelling set-up