Mach 2 All-Weather Interceptor Proposal

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This proposed design for a Mach 2 all-weather fighter project of 1954 was one of Hawker's responses (along with its cousin the single engined P1103 of the same year) to the RAF's 'New Fighter' requirement F155T calling for an advanced high speed, high altitude interceptor.All the aircraft proposals, including those from other companies such as Armstrong Whitworth, Fairey and Vickers never made it to the prototype stage as in 1957 the Ministry of Defence controversially stopped further manned fighter development.

The power for the P1104 was to be supplied by two wing mounted superheated Gyron Junior engines; armament may have included new missile designs such as the Red Hebe and Red Dean.

Span: 13.4m (44' 0") Length: 21.8m (71' 5") Max. Speed: Mach 2+