Hawker's twin-jet 'Meteor' contender

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Dating from early 1946, this design by Hawker was for a twin-jet high speed interceptor. To be powered by either 2 Rolls Royce AJ65s (the original designation of the Avon) or AS65s. The aircraft was to be armed with 2 x 30mm nose-mounted Aden cannon

The design is clearly informed by captured Axis jet aircraft. Post-dating the similar looking Gloster Meteor by several years the design would have been obsolete by the time any prototype was ready: it never left the drawing board.

Sources. British Secret Projects - Jet Fighters Since 1950 - Tony Buttler; secretprojects.co.uk; Peter Allen.

Span: 12.0m (39' 5") Length: 12.5m (41' 0") Max. Speed: Unknown