Turbo-Prop Medium Bomber Project

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Convinced that the flying wing format would eventually lead to a successful design Northrop built on lessons learned from early WW2 schemes and the B-35 and B-49 projects. This 1950 design included a more versatile body-shape that could accommodate a greater range of contemporary weapons, a more reliable power plant and had (on paper at least) excellent manoeuvrability, range and performance.

Several configurations were put forward, including two-engine variants utilising the Northrop Turbodyne V turboprop driving 2 3-bladed contra-prop, a four-engine variant with the Allison XT40 power unit and also a 6-engined pure jet. Defensive armament was to be a ‘Stinger' tail-mounted remote controlled gun turret.

The Boeing B-47 (and later B-52) successfully took on the long-range strategic bomber, the projected role for this aircraft.

Span 128’ 4” (39.12m) Length: 74’ 8” (22.76m) Projected Cruising Speed (2 x Turbodyne V) 450 Knots

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