Multi-Role Flying Wing

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Following his move to Messerschmitt in 1939, renowned flying-wing designer and aerodynamics pioneer Alexander Lippisch collaborated with Dr Hermann Wurster on the P 01 08 project in late 1941. The specification was for a super-heavy aircraft capable of a variety of roles including: long-range bomber(20,000Kg over 15,000Km), tactical Bomber (50,000Kg over 2,500Km) maritime patrol, long-range reconnaissance (27,000Km), transport (25 ton tank or equivalent), tug for 100 ton transport gliders and an aerial flak-carrier (4 x 88mm flak cannon). The design also incorporated a variety of under-wing ordinance and loads as well as remote controlled defensive armament.

The P 08 01 was to be powered by 4 x DB 615 engines, with extra-large armoured fuel tanks in the wings and a pressurized cockpit. This aircraft would have dramatically widened the range of feasible targets for the Luftwaffe - including the United States


Span: 50.6m (166' 0") Length: 15.35m (50' 4") Max. Speed: 645 km/h (401 mph)