60 Tonne Jet Bomber Project

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Heinkel were, as late as May 1945, working on a series of multi-jet long-range bombers in a variety of configurations including conventional and flying-wing layouts. Although no aircraft flew, some of the work had reached an advanced stage, including mock-ups and wind-tunnel models. Much of the data gained from Heinkel engineers after the end of hostilities proved invaluable to post-war aircraft design.

One project (illustrated) featured wings with a two-stage 45 degrees to 35 degrees sweep, an innovation that features in many post-war military and civil aircraft. Proposed powerplants included four Heinkel Hirth 109-11s to Six junkers jumo 004 jets. The performance as stated in the specification of February 1945 was for an aircraft which could combine a 3000Kg bomb-load with a range of 28,000 Km.

Source: Luftwaffe Secret Projects - Strategic Bombers 1935-1945, Dieter Herwig and Heinz Rode (Midland Press).

Span: 31.5m (103' 4") Length: 19.85m (65' 2") Max. Speed: Unknown