Horten's Alternative 'Volksj├Ąger'

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This jet-powered flying wing 'people's fighter' from the Horten brothers was designed within the last few months of the second world war to match the performace of the best piston-engined fighters of the day and, as per the Reichs Luftfahrt Ministerium's (German Air Ministry) brief be constructed from the minimum of stratigic materials.

Constructed of ply-wood and tubular steel this aircraft was designed to accommodate several engine types. A full-size glider was under construction at the end of hostilities. The Heinkel He 162 took on the role of Volksjager.

Span: 14.0m (45' 11") Length: 7.2m (23' 8") Max. Speed: 1100 Km/h (684mph)

These Illustrations were used in the book Luftwaffe: Aircraft in Shadow by Kiril Chochkov www.aero-x.eu