Kurt Tank's Proposed Heavy Fighter

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This Focke-Wulf project was submitted by Professor Kurt Tank in late 1944 for a twin-jet aircraft which could be used as a fighter, fighter/bomber or long-range fighter, and was to be constructed entirely of metal. The fuselage was wide to accommodate the nose air intake for the twin Heinkel Hirth He S 011 jet engines that were buried in the rear fuselage. The wings were swept back at 40 degrees, with the main landing gear retracting inboard. Mounted on a "boom", the tail unit was set high in order to clear the jet exhaust. A single pilot sat in a pressurized cockpit located near the nose. Armament consisted of four MK 108 30mm cannon or four MG 213 20mm cannon.

All design work ceased in order to concentrate on Focke-Wulf's Ta 183 single jet fighter.

Span: 12.5m (41' 0") Length: 12.75m (41' 9") Max. Speed: 1078 Km/h (669mph)

Source: Luft46.com. A kit of this aircraft is available from UNICRAFT MODELS