Carrier Plane / Piloted Missile Combination

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This project (one of several similar) from early 1945 was to be a "carrier aircraft". Powered by Six DB 603 piston engines, four pulling and two pushing, with fixed landing gear and a 'gull-wing' this 'mistel' project draws upon an older concept whereby fixed-wing aircraft were launched from airships.

Span: 54m (177' 2") Length: 35.8m (117' 5") Max. Speed: Unknown

The Daimler Benz Project "E" was designed as a piloted missile to be launched from the Daimler Benz Project "C". Five of these manned missiles could be carried at one time. Power was supplied by a single He S 011 jet engine mounted on the bottom aft of the fuselage. 2500 kg (5500 lbs) of explosives were located in the nose of the aircraft, which was detonated on impact. Once carried aloft, the DB Project "E" aircraft were then released near the target, when the pilot was assured of a hit, he was to escape using the ejection seat.

Span: 8.5m (27' 10.6") Length: 9.2m (30' 2") Max. Speed: Unknown

Some of these llustrations were used in Illustreret Videnskab (Illustrated Science) magazine in Scandanavia, October 2008 and the book Luftwaffe: Aircraft in Shadow by Kiril Chochkov