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There have been countless aircraft designs which, for one reason or another, never made it into production. Some were outdated before they would have entered service; some were good designs but financial or political motives meant alternatives were sought; others were little more than speculation or, as in the case of the Luftwaffe, some were cancelled due to over-stretched resources and the end of hostilities.

Whatever the reason, many aircraft designs showed real vision and sometimes appear much more modern than their real age would suggest, giving a fascinating insight into the forward-thinking, creativity and desperation of aircraft designers.

I have created xplanes3d.com to cater for a subject which has fascinated me for a long time and to showcase my aviation art of experimental and prototype aircraft X-planes and how they might have looked had they been built - the 'what-ifs' of aviation.

Thank you for visiting Xplanes3d.com

New Art - Horten Ho XVIII B-2

Horten Ho XVIII B-2 - The Luftwaffe's final jet bomber project

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Welcome to Xplanes3D.com

The Horten brothers Reimar and Walter were pioneers in the development of tailless and flying wing aircraft, influencing many postwar designs. The final chapter of their war-time associations with the Third Reich culminated in the Ho XVIII B-2. Although this was not the true flying wing that the brothers had initially put forward to the RLM (other aircraft manufacturers were asked to assist with the design) it demonstrates the level on ingenuity and advanced thinking in the field of aircraft development that had been attained.

The project was designed as an Amerika Bomber - with range enough to reach the east cost of the USA.. Production was agreed by (the increasingly deluded) Göring in the final stages on World War 2. It is believed that production began but was inevitably doomed due to a severe shortage of materials and the quickly advancing allied forces.